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Choco Truffle N Red Charm valentine's day cake : 500 gms +06 red roses

Roses speak the language of love and romance with Choco Truffle N Red Charm valentine's day cake onl..

Rs.999 Rs.799

Chocolate desserts for valentine day Love Cake

Celebrate the Season of Love or gift your Valentine with One Half kg Chocolate Love Cake. In additio..

Rs.699 Rs.599

Chocolate Rose valentine themed cakes

Roses of valentine themed cakes chocolates is some dream. In addition, Roses are for love of nature ..

Rs.1,599 Rs.1,499

Chocolate valentines day heart cake half kg

This is one of the fabulous creations of OCD. The chocolate truffle is everyone's favorite, so a cak..

Rs.1,099 Rs.999

Chocolaty 1kg valentine heart cake

The way to the heart is through the stomach through Chocolaty 1kg valentine heart cake. In addition,..

Rs.1,699 Rs.1,549

Heart Butterscotch happy valentines day cake

Take a look at Heart Butterscotch happy valentines day cake in the heart shape that is all set to ma..

Rs.699 Rs.599

Heart Shaped Truffle Love valentine cake for boyfriend

Check For Midnight Delivery Want to surprise your better half with Heart Shaped Truffle Love valenti..


Love in abundunce Half kg heart shaped valentine cakes

Love your loved one abundantly? Isn't Valentine's Day the perfect day of the year to let her know? S..

Rs.999 Rs.899

Pink Flower Heart 1kg Vanilla valentine cakes for delivery

First of all, Express your love to your be dear with the amazing valentine?s In addition, theme cake..

Rs.1,799 Rs.1,549

Stellar Chocolate Half kg order cake for valentine's day

White chocolate, rich chocolate, and simply chocolate - this Stellar Chocolate Half kg order ca..

Rs.1,099 Rs.999

Sweet Gesture with best cake for valentine's day : 500 gms +12 Mix roses

Check For Sweet Gesture with the best cake for valentine's day is the most special day. So, celebrat..

Rs.1,299 Rs.1,099

The Hearty Affair one kg valentine cakes for him

Roses of valentine themed cakes chocolates is some dream. In addition, Roses are for love of nature ..

Rs.1,699 Rs.1,499

valentine day cake with name Blossoming Love 1kg Vanilla

Try this valentine day cake with name Blossoming Love 1kg Vanilla. Especially relevant, this is one ..

Rs.1,899 Rs.1,799

valentines day cake order Red Velvet Heart

A heart is for love and so is the valentines day cake order Red Velvet Heart . Bored with the regula..

Rs.999 Rs.899

Valentines day cakes for him Strawberry N Red Charm : 500 gms +06 red roses

We have a wide range of such Valentine's day cakes for him Strawberry N Red Charm. In addition, that..

Rs.999 Rs.799

Web Of Happiness Vanilla valentine cake online

Feel beautifully entangled in love with someone? In addition, Show it to them Vanilla valentine cake..

Rs.999 Rs.899

All My Love 1kg Vanilla valentine's day cake delivery

All My Love 1kg Vanilla is missing someone when you are apart. So, somehow with valentine's day cake..

Rs.1,599 Rs.1,499

Black Forest Cake

Find your delicious flavor in Black Forest Cake. Order this cake for your occasion now. And get the ..


Black Forest Cake Eggless

Enriched with whipped cream in layers of Black Forest Cake Eggless. this is definite to be a lip-sma..


Cherry On Top valentine chocolate Cake 1kg

First of all, Cherry On Top valentine chocolate Cake 1kg heart is the place where love resides. Most..

Rs.1,799 Rs.1,799

Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake

Chocolate chip birthday cake has crunchy Chocolate Chips spread around the Best Cake Shop in Delhi f..

Rs.699 Rs.599

Delectable Fruit Heart Valentine’s Day Cake

Enjoy DELECTABLE FRUIT HEART Valentine’s Day cake. Nothing can be more delightful yet healthier than..

Rs.1,299 Rs.1,099

Gourmet Coffee Chocolate valentine's day cake order online

The superb fusion of coffee, whipped cream and chocolate can easily make anyone fall for valentine's..

Rs.999 Rs.899

Lovely Red Velvet valentine cake order online

If you are looking for a Lovely Red Velvet Valentine cake order online that will bring a smile on th..

Rs.1,199 Rs.1,099

Sizzling Chocolate Strawberry valentines gifts Cake

This Sizzling Chocolate Strawberry valentines gifts Cake is a dual combination. First of all, it has..

Rs.1,599 Rs.1,499

Strawberry heart shaped valentine day special cake

valentine day special cake is a perfect gift for someone who loves strawberry. First of all, It is s..

Rs.899 Rs.749

valentine black forest cake N Red Charm : 6 Red Roses

This is an all-time most valentine black forest cake N Red Charm gift hamper for all occasions. Furt..

Rs.999 Rs.799

valentine's day chocolate cake N Red Charm : 01 KG + 06 RED ROSES

No other gift can beat the charming look and aroma of red roses with valentine's day chocolate cake...

Rs.1,799 Rs.1,699

Vanilla Extravagant valentine Cake

This Vanilla Extravagant valentine Cake is truly a crowd-please. The cherry on the top of cake appea..

Rs.999 Rs.799

butterscotch cake

Get the butterscotch cake One of the best-selling order cake online Delhi. In addition, it is  ..

Rs.699 Rs.599

Cake Black Forest

Cake Black Forest is the right choice for your occasion if you like the taste and flavor of cream wi..


Black forest Cake Recipe Eggless

Time to egg free with Black forest Cake Recipe eggless cake. It has wow feel to celebrate your day i..

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Online Cake Delivery in India - Order & Send Cake Now 24x7

OCD – A Most Trusted Online Brand for online cake delivery

These are our flavor cake sorted by flavor. There is some festival, birthday, party, event, engagement, ring ceremony, celebration, and wedding anniversary around the corner? Missing your loved ones or dear one? Want to give someone a superior surprise on their special day? Or do you simply want to treat in a flavor cake? Whatsoever you’re intention for a cake craving, we are with you on your any occasion. Yes, you can place your Online cake order on our website or just call and what’s app us on the number which is displayed on your screen to order a cake. Cakes of many flavors are offered with us. We have kids cake, Birthday Cakes, photo cake, Anniversary Cakes, wedding Cakes delivery, Chocolate Cakes and regular Flavors of cake to cater to the requirements of our all valuable guest. So, if you are here now scrolling through our catalog to order a delicious cake, then you are certainly at the right place. All our cakes are fresh and tempting, all of them have been made with the authentic ingredients sourced from the best highly reputed pastry chefs and made by the finest bakers and confectioner in the world. Many of the wonderful cakes that are available Cake Flavor in Delhi.

These are our delightful cakes by flavour. Especially relevant, Is there some festival or celebration around the corner? Most noteworthy, Missing your dear ones? Want to give someone a special surprise on their big day? Or do you simply want to indulge in a cake? As a result, whatever your reason for a cake craving, we are with you. Most of all, you can place your order online on our website or just call us at the number that is displayed on your screen to order a cake. Cakes of myriad flavours are available with us. In conclusion, We have Birthday Cakes, 5 Star Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Cheese Cakes, Cakes, Chocolate Cakes and Special Cakes to provide to the wants of all our clients. So, if you are here now scrolling through our collection to order a tasty cake.

Finally, you are positively at the right place. All our cakes are fresh, have been with the best ingredients from the best suppliers and made by the finest bakers in the realm. Many of the great cakes that are available with us have had repeat customers who have purchased them even when there was no special occasion to buy one. Yes, that is precisely how authentic and delicious our cakes are. Whether for a party or not, once you buy a cake from us, you will find yourselves buying our cakes again and again.

You can place your order online and we will deliver the cake to your address. You can also buy one online now and send it your families, right from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world. We have same day delivery, fast delivery, midnight delivery and crucial delivery services. Our delivery team is skillful in finding a way to your home so that you can enjoy this wonderful cake in time.

Finally, The fresh cream cakes using fresh cream and ingredients, and are available in pineapple, strawberry, butterscotch, chocolate truffle, Ferrero Rocher and Forest variants. They are certainly a countless delight to behold and perfectly delicious to the tummy. Light and airy Mousse Cakes made with whipped cream can be ordered online. They are available in Strawberry, Pineapple and Chocolate flavors. We also have a 2 kg Mousse cake that is in the shape of a Mickey Mouse.

We also specify in cheesecakes that are tasty and will melt in your mouth. Our cheesecakes are available in four flavours - Pineapple, Strawberry, Coffee and Caramel. Our eggless cakes are made keeping the vegetarians in mind. We have eggless cakes ranging from half kg to 1.5 kg in quantity. They are vacant in numerous flavours too, all of which are wholly free of eggs and are completely vegetarian. Furthermore, We also deliver a 3 kg Spiderman cake in this category.

Therefore, Our premium cakes are available in the same flavours as the fresh cakes. There is also a 2 kg Ben 10 cake and a 5 kg zoo cake to cater to larger meetings. Our specialty cakes are available in various flavours – mango, chocolate avalanche, white forest, Ferrero Rocher, kiwi, coffee and blueberry. Therefore, so whether you want to surprise your dear ones at midnight, want a cake on the same day for a sudden gathering, or simply want to send a cake across to your dear ones to tell them that you are thinking of them, OCD is the answer. Finally, with just a few clicks, you can home your order online with us. So, we will deliver the cake to your entrance.


RecipientCake by FlavorsDelivery Type
Valentines Day Cakes for GirlfriendEggless cake3 Hours Delivery
Valentines Day Cakes for BoyfriendPhoto cakesNormal Delivery
Valentines Day Cakes for HusbandDesigner valentines day cakesSame Day Delivery
Valentines Day Cakes for WifeHeart shape cakesFixed Time Delivery
Valentines Day Cakes for HimCustomized cakesMidnight Delivery
Valentines Day Cakes for HerCute CupcakesEarly morning cake delivery

Black Forest Cakes: Especially relevant, the cake with the flavour of Vanilla. Most noteworthy, chocolate layers are the most sought cake for the people of Delhi. Almost 20% of the cake sold online is black forest cake. In addition, this is available throughout India in any bakery. As a result, this flavour is like by both chocolate and non-chocolate lovers and suits the palate of every individual.

As the emotions are with positive and negative touch, experiences are good and bad; the black forest cake also simulates these on the table. The red cherry on the top depicts those precious moments through which a person goes in his life like birthday, anniversary, New Year’s etc. This cake is suited for the happy jolly person who wants to enjoy the life by making some noise around. Most noteworthy, the cake is best for those who can have the audacity to adjust to the reality of life and follow the common path.

Pine apple cakes: This is preferable for the older people who hate chocolate. Consequently, the cake contains fresh pine apple juice with vanilla cream. In conclusion, The Pine Apple cake of OCD is scrumptious and yummy and melts in mouth instantly. Therefore, this tasty cake is simple yet like by many. Especially relevant, This is best to celebrate even the smallest moments that people cherish. Hence, The love is serene and just need the slightest form of expression. Consequently, This cake reflects all those feelings. As a result, Send the cake to Delhi your friends through online cake delivery services. Most noteworthy, this light cake can be given on almost all occasions and suits. Especially for children and old people.

Butterscotch Cake: One of the better flavors for those who do not love chocolates. Especially relevant, The cake is very eminent among youths and taste is very general all over the world. Furthermore, this cake is open any time in any bakery. So, one of the best online selling cake in Delhi. As a result, The cake is little dark in look and insignificant differences in taste. Therefore, Go for this cake for almost all case and your love concern would start after having this. Most noteworthy, this cake would make your temper swing in a way where you will want to palate other cakes from OCD.

Fresh Fruit Cakes: Some people love to be extravagant in taste and want to go for lavish and full palate taste rather than following a simple one. Especially relevant, this delicious cake is miscellaneous with a load of fruits along with fruit pulps. Therefore, The looks and taste are so top notch that you will not be definitely able to resist. Most noteworthy, The lavishness of the cake is second to none. Therefore, if you are sending the cake to somebody in Delhi. Then, that person is happy by the taste of the cake. In conclusion, Best cake to send to relation those a little far. Hence, requires so the importance of prestige and respect issues.

White Forest Cakes – Enjoy the best of vanilla and white chocolate in a delicious and fluffy cake. Be it any occasion, just order the tasty Half kg White Forest Cake from Ferns N Petals and relish its every bite with your loved ones. This gloriously delicious cake is so soft and creamy, it simply melts in your mouth.

Fondant Cakes - Are you looking for a cake for your Batman crazy friend's 21st Birthday party? If yes, give them a sweet treat by ordering this special Batman Fondant Cake on their birthday. It will definitely be a sweet surprise for them and will make their celebrations a memorable event for everyone.The default flavour is chocolate truffle

Kit Kat and Gems: - Kit Kat and Gems chocolates are used to make this chocolate cake look ravishing. The shape shown in the image is of number 6 and you can customize this number as per the demand of your occasion, for celebrating 10th birthday of your child, you can get similar kind of cakes from our portal. So, start ordering now!

Red Velvet Cakes -  Some red velvet recipes actually contain cocoa. So, they really are just red chocolate cakes. Furthermore, When your eyes see the red. So, they register that you're not eating chocolate, making it taste like something different. But eating is easy with eyes. First of all, Technically Red Velvet cake is a white cake with red food coloring. Most noteworthy, The additional taste comes from the frosting. In conclusion, a Southern Red Velvet cake has Cream Cheese frosting with a lemony hint. Depending on the specific recipe variations, you may just be eating red colored chocolate cake.

Rainbow cakes - The cake has six thin layers of a yellow sponge. Therefore, cake soak in between six thin layers of a rich chocolate buttercream. So, it is top with the seventh layer of cake, which is slice and cover in caramel. Finally,  You can find the best cake in seven layer which is the best in town.        

 Chocolate cake - Death by chocolate cake is rich in butter, chocolate, ice cream, Twix candy bars and many other ingredients. Consequently, This killer chocolate cake is with decadent chocolate buttercream and topped with melted chocolate. As a result, This cake is suitable for a birthday party, Valentine’s Day, wedding party or any other special occasion. Furthermore, Eggless cake is also available and for this, you have to click on checkbox button.

A dark brown cake with beautiful toppings looks like a pool of chocolates. Consequently, Having a bite of this mouthwatering cake can land you in that chocolate pool. Therefore, chocolate melts in your mouth and makes you stress- free. This is full of so many flavours of chocolate, you just can't have enough of it. Send cake to your loved ones who reside far away from you to show your love, emotion, and care. finally, The best gift which you can send your loved ones.

Strawberry Cakes - The creamy and buttery touch of strawberry cake when influences in our mouth give a superb taste. In addition, It is as Valentine’s Day dish. Furthermore, other occasions like birthday or anniversaries also call for this delicious cake. Therefore, This cake is with strawberries and cream. Especially relevant, This will add joy to your beloved one's face and if in the add-in you give a message to them then it will be a sweet smile on your loved ones face.

Strawberry is the main ingredient in Strawberry cake. So, Strawberry by filling strawberries in between the layers of a cake or can be with strawberries in the batter. Therefore, Strawberry cake is Valentine’s Day dish. Finally, It is suitable for other occasions like wedding anniversary, birthday party or much more

Chocolate Truffle - This cake is an extremely rich and fluffy cake is fresh in the oven to sweeten your taste bud. Therefore, it is all time favourite cake by the youngster to make their party more sizzling. Finally, this comfortable chocolate is desirable for every time and can be able to your dear one.Rich Chocolate Truffle Cake takes pleasure in every feast. Finally, The dark chocolatey layer of cake when melt in your mouth makes you stress-free. Therefore, This rich cake is consist of milk, butter, semisweet chocolate, vanilla extract, sugar, salt, flour and baking soda. Top of the cake is with soft melting chocolate. Inner layers of the cake are completely full of chocolates. In conclusion, Eggless rich chocolate truffle cake is also available. Therefore, It is suitable for every occasion and can be delivered to your loved ones by online cake delivery facility. Especially relevant, Eggless cake is also available and for this, you have to click on checkbox button.

Vanilla Cakes: - Are you a fan of Vanilla? How about the lemon give flavour to Vanilla cake with cherries on top? In conclusion, OCD offers you the entire collection of Vanilla flavoured cakes with or without egg. Finally, it is to sweeten your taste buds. The vanilla cakes with your favourite fruits and exotic taste are some of the things you. Therefore, want to miss. Celebrate the day with your dear ones. Finally, including friends and family with some of the delicious vanilla special cakes online for some special people. Especially relevant The best thing about this is you can order online cake without going anywhere and they get you the best of cakes in no time at all. Most noteworthy, They offer fast delivery and make sure that the cake is in good condition before delivering to your doorsteps. Some joys of life special.

Below is the simple 5 step development that you could follow to order the cake online through our website:-

     Step : 1 -  Select the category of the cake from the cakes tab (Eggless cakes, Delicious cakes, 5 star cakes, Birthday cakes or you could just select all cakes)

     Step : 2 -  After selecting the cake, add the message that you wish to send along. In addition Select, the selection buys now after adding the cake to the cart.

    Step: 3 - Log in to OCD so as to confirm your presence through Gmail or syncing your Facebook ID.

    Step: 4 - Give your parts and the receiver’s details during the checkout with the date and time of delivery of the cake. So

    Step: 5 - Select the payment option including net banking, credit cards, debit cards or wallets. A simple 5 step procedure to order an online cake anywhere as the cake delivery for us keeps going. So, OCD is the cake delivery service for all. Finally, it is the solution in all your occasion. Therefore, It is the right time for online cake delivery for this session. As a result, you will find the all the quality with reasonable price.


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